2019-05-20 18:44:06

Is Tesla going bankrupt as early as 2020?

Is Tesla going bankrupt as early as 2020?

The current spending level of Tesla's money can run out in 10 months.

The current situation leads to the fact that the company’s management will take steps to reduce costs.

The Electrek site has information that Elon Musk sent out a letter to all employees at the expense of the necessary measures for the costs of the company. Recommendations from a leading specialist relate to checks of any write-offs: payment for spare parts, payroll, travel expenses, etc. Also, Musk informs that today the concern's money is equal to 2.2 billion US dollars, and with current costs, it will not be in 10 months.

Regarding the bankruptcy, Tesla talk went long. Two years ago, Bloomberg experts calculated that the company spends money at speeds of $8,000 per 1 minute. Retaining a similar trend, the automaker would become bankrupt until August 6, 2018, but, as we see, this didn't happen.