2017-12-22 23:13:44

Limousine with the base Tesla Model S sold for a rather big money

Tesla Model S pic

eBay in the US received a new announcement, according to which the electric version of the limousine with the base Tesla Model S got on sale.

While the minimum rate on the vehicle reaches $ 80,400. The seller informs that the original car was purchased by him 2 years ago at a price of $ 100,000. The conversion of the elevator to a limousine the seller did not specify in the price.

The limousine is driven by a 380-horsepower electric motor with a battery pack of 85 kWh. With such a set, the car can easily pass more than 400 kilometers. The latest information on this announcement - the limousine's readiness for a full "stuffing" is 90%.

That is, the prospective buyer will receive either such an electric machine, or he can pay in addition, so that all work on the car is completed completely.

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