2017-08-13 15:31:12

New Battery Tech From Tesla

New Battery Tech From Tesla pic

Tesla has filed a curious patent for something that is called “pyrotechnic disconnect”.

The word pyrotechnic makes us concern, especially when we are talking about an EV. The application aims at reducing the hazards involved with fast disconnecting a high-voltage battery in an EV.

It is told in the patent application that in demanding apps, the disconnect must interrupt very big currents in a fast and steady manner. Here is an example: the interruption of big currents creates electric arcs (they are sometimes called arc columns). As the disconnect is usually intended o enhance safety of the electric set-up, it is crucial that the arcs are managed so they do not create a new hazard or risk of further issues. Meanwhile, the disconnect should not be too complex and should not involve components that are expensive.

The unit can be used in an EV or in stationary storage.

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