2018-05-21 15:24:02

Nikola Sued Tesla Because Of Semi Truck Style

Nikola Sued Tesla Because Of Semi Truck Style

A lawsuit has been filed by Nikola against Tesla. It states that the EV company based in the Silicon Valley copied the style of its One fuel-cell truck for the Semi.

Nikola is suing Tesla for $2 billion. According to it, such design details as the One’s wraparound windscreen, the mid-entry door to the cabin, aerodynamic fuselage design and fender at the front part have been cheated.

Nikola states that these parts are outstanding, one on the globe. Meanwhile a spokesman from the sued company says that it is patently obvious that there is “no merit to the lawsuit”.

The One has been presented 2 years ago in December. It produces 746 kW and torque of 2700 Nm thankfully to its hydrogen fuel-cell electric set-up. Meanwhile the Semi from Tesla was revealed 1 year later in November.