2017-11-27 17:51:04

Tesla Batteries Became A Ridge For Experts (VIDEO)

Tesla Batteries Became A Ridge For Experts (VIDEO)

Last week the head of the company Ilon Mask presented the electric truck Tesla Semi (the start of production is planned for 2019) and the new version of the sports car Roadster (will appear on the market in 2020). But the promises of Mask confused the experts.

The publication notes that the indicators that Mask spoke about at the presentation are phenomenal. The company decided to take an unusual niche for cargo transportation and released a 36-ton electric Tesla Semi, capable of driving up to 805 km on one battery charge. Half an hour of recharging Semi can accumulate energy for the route at 650 km, in 5 seconds - accelerate to 96 km per hour.

"We made the Tesla truck look like a bullet," Mask said at the presentation of the novelty.

Analyst Cairn Energy Research Sam Jaffe said that the highest standards of the industry do not reach the indicators of Tesla. He is confident that the company will have to work hard to fulfill promises to launch serial production. How exactly Tesla will do it, while nobody understands.

"I do not think they lie, they probably left something behind the scenes, something that would help us understand how this will work," Jaffe said.