2018-04-05 00:48:28

Tesla Model 3 - the most popular electric vehicle in the USA

Tesla Model 3 pic

Now Tesla is experiencing production problems, but sales of its cars in the US are breaking records.

For the first quarter of 2018 Tesla Model 3 received the title of the most popular electrified car in the US. In the country 8,180 copies were purchased during this period.

For the first quarter Tesla made 34 494 cars (+ 40%, comparing with the fourth quarter of 2017). This number includes 24 728 lifts of the Model S with Model X , plus 9766 models of the Model 3. Customers have received 29 980 cars (11 730 copies of Model S, 10 070 - Model X, 8180 - Model 3).

At the end of the fourth quarter, sales of 4,060 Model S and Model X sales were reported (plus 68%, compared to the same period last year) that were in transit.

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