2017-07-31 23:42:26

Tesla Model 3 Adds a new 'Long Range' Variant with 310-Mile Range

Tesla Model III pic

The very long-awaited model with a starting price of $ 35,000 will be just the basic one, but it also has every reason to hope for the status of a bestseller.

This Model 3 will receive a battery pack that allows you to go without recharging to 350 km, dial 60 miles per hour (96 km / h) in 5.6 seconds and accelerate to 210 km / h. An energy reserve sufficient to cover 200 km, this Tesla will be restored in 30 minutes using a Supercharger charger.

However, after paying $ 9,000, you can get the Long Range version with with 310-Mile Range and improved characteristics. It is capable to overcome already 500 km, accelerate to 96 km / h in 5.1 s, accelerate to 225 km / h and for half an hour to fill the charge for a run of 275 km.

By the way, the hardware for the autopilot will be installed on all Tesla without exception, and the option will be just the appropriate software.

As a standard feature of the Tesla Model 3 will include a 15-inch multimedia monitor, dual-zone climate control, textile-trimmed interior and black body color. Other colors, which are prepared five - an option priced at a thousand dollars.

"We build cars as quickly as we can, however, production volumes will grow at the same rate as the output of the slowest of the Model 3 components," Ilon Mask said. According to some information, the Model 3 design includes about 10,000 unique components.

Nevertheless, it is promised that by the end of the year Tesla will be able to produce up to 20,000 cars a month. According to preliminary information, the company has already collected more than half a million pre-orders for Model 3.

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