2018-05-23 16:34:38

Tesla Model 3 with two engines has already been put into production

Tesla Model 3 pic

The American company reveals the details of Model 3, equipped with two engines. It is noted that the initial cost of the vehicle starts from 78 thousand US dollars.

The new Model 3 Performance car will be offered with 20-inch wheel disks, a carbon fiber spoiler, a black-and-white interior trim and a specially selected twin-engine installation. The model will have improved technical indicators and will be able to compete with most modern popular auto giants.

Installing just two engines allows you to provide more safety models, because if one of them fails, the Tesla Model 3 can safely continue the movement, thereby avoiding an emergency situation. It is noted that the first motor is designed for travel at maximum speed, while the remaining one is for the maximum possible run. Tesla promises to begin shipping Model 3 with two engines in July. Fans of the brand are already preparing for pre-orders and are actively discussing the novelty in social networks.

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