2018-02-23 22:36:14

Tesla Semi appeared on the US streets

Tesla Semi pic

American company Tesla continues to test a new all-electric truck Tesla Semi, which will receive a power reserve of 800 kilometers and a set of systems of autonomous control.

On American portals, a spy movie appeared, on which a new truck burns tires during acceleration, as productive sports cars do. On the pages of the American edition of InsideEVs, dedicated to electric cars, there was a fresh spy video from testing a new all-electric truck Tesla Semi. It is noteworthy that the novelty passes tests on public roads in residential areas of the United States.

The new Tesla Semi is tested without camouflage, because the appearance of the novelty has already been declassified by Ilon Mask, the head of Tesla. It is noteworthy that the cargo electric car shows an impressive dynamics of acceleration - you can see that during acceleration, the model burns tires, as American oilers do. In the comments to the video, users noted that such a speed for a truck could be dangerous in a residential area. Recall that the new Tesla Semi is equipped with four electric motors on two axles, which allows for loading in 36 tons to accelerate to 100 km / h in just 20 seconds. The range of travel will be from 480 to 800 kilometers, depending on the configuration.

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