2013-05-30 12:55:53

Tesla Stock Reaches $100 for the First Time

Tesla Stock Reaches $100 for the First Time

Tesla CEO Elon Musk must be feeling happy today. The share cost for his electric vehicle brand earned 7.7 % today and increased to $104.58 shortly after noon.

Carsbase informs that the automaker’s shares were trading in top volume with 9.3 mln. changing hands in comparison to the 5.9 mln. daily average. However May 24 the shares have mostly tripled in value.

Last week the auto brand fully reimbursed its debt to the Energy Dept of years in advance. Tesla received a frenzy of media attention after announcing its first quarterly profit of $11 mln.

Tesla is going to make a report about the expansion of its supercharger network soon. The report was actually expected last week, but Musk delayed it explaining the loan reimbursement as the reason.