2018-06-23 11:44:16

Tesla made the first ready-to-race electric car

Tesla Model S pic

Tesla Motors gave the private racing team the 1 st one-hundredth and ready-to-race electric vehicle.

The novelty will become a member of the Electric GT.

The car is now part of the SPV Racing team and it debuted in Barcelona. Organizers of the Electric GT series have repeatedly postponed the start of the tournament, which was scheduled for 2017. Now the decision is final - the first season of the Tesla electric car race will begin late in 2018.

The championship will use lightweight variations of the most expensive Tesla Model S, P100D, where the "Ludicrous +" mode appears. Similar machines, which dropped in weight due to composite materials with a retouched interior, "threw off" about 500 kilograms. The first "hundred" machine is given in 2.1 seconds.

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