2018-02-21 16:41:34

The electric Aspark Owl accelerates to 100 km/h less than 2 seconds

The electric Aspark Owl accelerates to 100 km/h less than 2 seconds

In November last year, Tesla introduced a new model of electric vehicle Roadster.

Among other things, for him was declared the acceleration to 96 km/h in 1.9 seconds, which has not yet reached any serial car. However, it seems, in this issue the novelty of Tesla has a competitor. Electric hypercar Aspark Owl can accelerate to 100 km/h for about the same 1.9 seconds. More precisely, during the next tests the result was shown in 1,921 seconds.

True, it is worth mentioning that during the car was shod in special Hoosier racing tires, which cannot be used on public roads. However, the automaker has already said that it will work to achieve a similar result on conventional tires. Like the new Roadster, Aspark Owl will be available in 2020. But direct competitors these cars can act only in the discipline of dispersal to a certain rate indicator, as the Tesla novelty will cost 200,000 dollars, and for Aspark Owl they will ask for 4.4 million dollars, while only 50 units will be produced.

That is, even if Aspark Owl eventually shows better dynamics than Tesla Roadster, it will not be able to take away the last rank of the most dynamic production car from the latter, as it will not become serial.