2018-03-19 21:18:31

The production of Tesla Model 3 stopped

The production of Tesla Model 3 stopped

Defective parts are the main problem of Tesla.

The planned volume of auto production of the most budgetary electro mobile of Americans in the person of Model 3 does not work out due to defective parts.

In Tesla said that about 40% of spare parts do not meet the required specifications. The delay in production is due precisely to inspections and the need to restore parts.

The company attracted additional employees for the repair work of the assembly line. The official letter of Tesla says that the specialists of the company do not carry out direct repair of cars, but there is an obligatory check consisting of 500 points.

By the way, in the third quarter of 2017 Tesla produced 260 of Electric Model 3, but was supposed 1500 cars.