2018-05-15 19:50:38

Unmanned Tesla Model S crashed

Unmanned Tesla Model S crashed

The US has become a place where an accident occurred again involving Tesla and the his activated autopilot.

NBC News informs that the Model S rode on a track in Utah at a speed of 100 km/h. After the car just crashed into the fire service car.

TThe woman was driving an electric Tesla and claims that in case of an accident in the car, the function of automatic drive are worked. In Model S the driver at the time "was" in the phone.

The result of the accident - a woman received a fracture of the ankle, the driver of the fire service car went without ambulance. The affected Model S can not be repaired.

Representatives of Tesla said again that the autopilot is only an auxiliary function, so the driver should always keep his hands on the steering wheel.