2016-12-02 13:53:32

A Teaser Of America's Best-Selling Vehicle Makeover

Toyota Camry pic

The innovated 2018 Camry from Toyota will be presented at the next year’s Auto Show held in Detroit.

The producer from Japan stated the news just now. It released a teaser picture giving a glimpse at the next-gen Camry’s back end. This September a snap was spotted online. It was the innovated NASCAR Camry race vehicle previewing the sedan’s outlook.

We have found out that the innovated Camry will be equipped with the company’s modular TNGA chassis, so the weight will be lost in comparison with the ongoing offering and a hybrid variant. The model will be slightly bigger in size. It will boast a whole bunch of the newest advances safety features, such as lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise control and emergency braking.

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