2017-03-20 11:20:33

More Details About Toyota Supra

Toyota Supra pic

Paparazzi got a chance to obtain a close up of the latest Supra from Toyota.

Obviously, the model is still under a heavy camouflage, but we received detailed snaps of the taillamps. They remind of the previous Supra’s units with round housings. The full picture will be available at this year’s Motor Show held in Tokyo in October.

The platform that equips the vehicle appeared as a result of collaboration between Toyota and BMW. The latest Supra will be marketed as a coupe. Meanwhile the BMW Z5 will br offered as a convertible.

We don’t know which powerplant will be used for the car. It could be one of BMW’s turbocharged motors. In other case, it could be a turbocharged six-cylinder unit from Toyota.

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