2017-01-25 14:38:14

New Jobs In Indiana Are Provided By Toyota

Toyota Highlander pic

Toyota is going to invest more than $600 million into its factory located in Princeton (Indiana).

GM and Ford are not the only producers that are making investments in American jobs. The automaker has stated that the Princeton plant will be expanded. This will create 400 more working places in America by 2020.

The $600-million investment will help to meet the big demand for the Highlander midsize SUV offering. The factory will be upgraded. It will get retooling, new equipment and advanced technologies.

Back in 2016, the discussed factory manufactured 40,000 Highlanders. That’s the biggest number in the automaker’s 20-year experience. The 3rd-gen of the SUV had 191,379 cars moved last year. The model has been on sale since 2013. This means that the company experienced a 20% increase over the previous year. All those vehicles were manufactured in America.

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