2017-04-28 12:20:50

Recall: Latest Toyota Tacomas Could Feature Oil Leak

Toyota Tacoma pic

Almost 228,000 Tacoma pickups from Toyota fall under a recall.

The producer from Japan states that some 2016-2017 cars feature rear differentials that might leak oil. In case there is an oil leak and the car is constantly operated, the rear differential may be damaged. This will lead to noise and reduced propulsion. Sometimes the rear differential might seize. This will lead to a control loss and higher risk of a crash.

The company’s dealers will examine the rear differential for any leakage. In case nothing is found, all fasteners will be re-tightened. Though, if leakage will be revealed, the rear differential carried gasket will be changed with a new one. New fasteners will be provided as well.

All fixes will be free of charge. Clients who have affected vehicles will be notified by mail since this June.

Affected owners will be notified by first class mail starting in the middle of June.

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