2017-03-25 17:57:52

Toyota And Microsoft: Connected Car Technology

Toyota Camry Hybrid pic

Toyota needs access to Microsoft’s connected car patents.

Microsoft does not produce vehicles, but it has been working with many producers and suppliers to bring its services and technologies to clients. Azure service is the main cloud platform for the auto world. Toyota is the 1st partner in the launch of the company’s latest auto licensing program.

The automaker will receive access to Microsoft’s suite of car technologies, such as operating set-up, gesture control, voice recognition, cybersecurity tools and artificial intelligence. Obviously, this agreement is not an exclusive one.

According to executive general manager of the producer’s Advanced R&D and Engineering Company, this is an exciting time in the auto world. He is sure they will manage to create the best connected vehicle examples. The automaker will be able to innovate quicker and deliver newest experiences to their clients.

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