2016-11-04 17:18:02

Toyota Declines Diesel-Powered C-HR Crossover

Toyota C-HR pic

The C-HR crossover from Toyota will be left without a diesel engine.

The automaker from Japan wants to get rid of its 1.5-litre V3 diesel engine in its latest crossover. Well, at least, on the old continent. The calibration on Europe has been put on standby, says Didier Leroy.

He also stated that people in Europe enjoy the hybrid variant of the C-HR. 2/3 of the clients’ pre-order electrification. In such a way, the company has decided that a diesel is no obligatory for Europe.

Having admitted cheating on diesel emissions tests, VW Group became an example to other automakers to decline working on diesel engines. Toyota has got 25% of its sales in Europe with diesel units. The producer sales a 1.4-litre unit in the Auris and Yatis offerings along with a BMW 1.6-litre engine on the Avensis sedan and Verso compact minivan.Another BMW-sourced 2.0-litre diesel unit is present in the RAV4 and other Avensis offerings.

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