2017-02-03 14:28:49

Toyota Sold More Cars Than VW

Toyota Highlander pic

Even though VW Group may be the global largest automaker, it was Toyota that outsold its competitor from Germany.

Sometime earlier it was stated that the VW Group surpassed Toyota to be the global largest automotive company. However, if to compare again, it is clearly seen that Toyota is top in sales.

VW Group also includes lots of other brands, such as Seat, Scania, MAN, Audi, Porsche and Skoda. Meanwhile Toyota includes Mino, Lexus, the now-defunct Scion and Daihatsu.

The producer from Japan got rid of 8.55 million units in 2016 while VW managed that with only 6.47 million. This means that Toyota sold almost 33% more vehicles than VW did.

The VW brad made up 63% of its parent company’s overall sales. In the same time Toyota brand did 84% of the whole volume of the company. In such a way, there is still a wide gap between the brands speaking about sales.

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