2017-01-25 14:39:17

Toyota Supra Reveals More of Coupe's Styling

Toyota Supra pic

The Supra from Toyota has been spotted during winter testing.

The coming-soon sports vehicle from the producer is a sibling vehicle to the Z5 from BMW that was shot on camera not long ago. Just like the Z5, the Supra has shown more of its production body under the camouflage. Expect to see it sportier than ever! The Z5 from BMW should be possible to obtain as a roadster. Meanwhile the Supra will be offered as a coupe.

The new spy pictures reveal the stylish Supra’s lines featuring short overhangs and big air intakes located in the front bumper. There probably is some serious performance inside the vehicle!

There should be both V4 and V6 units available for the Supra. The Japanese producer might drop some of the electrified powerplant to produce a hybrid.

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