2016-09-16 15:50:13

280 HP For New Teramont from VW

Volkswagen Teramont  pic

VW has shown anew video featuring the Midsize SUV. See it for the details on power outputs.

The latest 7-seater should be called the Teramont. It should get 280 hp from the 3.6-litre six-cylinder.

The car’s body is still camouflaged, though it is clearly seen that the length of the new model will be 5 meters.

This new offering is the automakers trial to fit the taste of Americans for big family SUVs. The 7-seature should have plenty of cargo space and be 4WD.

This is a rather important vehicle in the company’s range, considering all the aspects. Let us wait and see how it will come out.

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