2016-04-04 14:46:18

91K Passat Sedans Recalled by VW over Short Circuits

Volkswagen Passat pic

VW is going to recall 91,000 Passat sedans in America.

The thing is in the improperly assembled wire seals situated on underbody sensor connectors. This can cause water intrusion and a short circuit leading to a fire.

Passat TDIs gathered together between 2012 and 2014 fall under the recall. VW assures that cars in markets outside America have nothing to do with the issue. There were no reports about injuries connected to the recall.

At this point we don’t know when the recall will start.

VW is now embattled with its diesel emissions scandal. It has several unrelated recalls in March over the faulty pedal mechanisms in the Porsche Cayennes and VW Touaregs and over stalling –Golfs.

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