2016-10-24 16:05:11

Expect A Sportier Tiguan R Sometime Soon

Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line pic

The latest Tiguan is an adorable crossover. According to the rumours, there will be it’s “R” hotter variant.

The change will probably affect the trim. Paparazzi are sure that there is more than meets the eye to the considered Tiguan.

Paparazzi have revealed that the sound is quite loud. The model is equipped with quad exhausts. They will give it a possibility to breathe better and produce more power. The vehicle will also be very fast.

The model should be equipped with the same engine as in the Golf R. We remind you that it produces almost 300 hp. However, you should remember, that there is an update expected for the Golf. So, there should be more power for the Golf R and this may spread on the Tiguan R as well.

You have probably already got a chance to see some photos of a Ateca Cupra from SEAT on the Web. This model is a Spain variant of the model under consideration. SEAT puts the Cupra badge on its hottest models.

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