2017-12-29 14:22:21

'I.D. Cruiser' And 'I.D. Freeler' Names Trademarked By VW

'I.D. Cruiser' And 'I.D. Freeler' Names Trademarked By VW

The I.D. family is going to grow and VW is choosing the names for the newborns.

The latest trademark filings registered with the WIPO, the automaker wants to save the names I.D. Freeler and I.D. Cruiser.

It has been familiar that the company wants to present more I.D. offerings around the globe. However, we have no idea for now which markets should expect units with the aforementioned names.

Sometime earlier the automaker stated that at least 2 new I.D. EVs will arrive stateside along with the cars originated on the Crozz and the Buzz concepts.

A SUV concept and a sedan will come out sometime ahead of 2022. They are called Lounge (SUV) and AEROe (sedan) for now.