2018-12-29 13:17:56

Some Volkswagen Golf R, Audi A3, and TT will be withdrawn

Some Volkswagen Golf R, Audi A3, and TT will be withdrawn

The German company Volkswagen launches a revocable company that affects the following models: Golf R, Audi A3, and TT.

The NHTSA states that fuel leaks may occur in the engine compartment of the vehicles and cause a fire. As part of the investigation, some units were identified as potentially dangerous. Dealers and car owners will be notified of the recall from January 1, 2019. All work will be completely free.

Further information was received that a similar problem sank and other Volkswagen cars. All models have similar nuances and a number of hidden defects. Brand management is already

making every effort to correct the current situation with defective cars. As a result, the number of withdrawn vehicles increases to 1,620 units. Among them, 516 of the above-mentioned VW Golf R, 820 pieces of the Audi A3 Sedan, 105 copies of the A3 Cabriolet, 128 TT Coupe and 51 TT Roadster.

Owners of all models will be notified in early February, after which they make an appointment with an authorized dealer. It is not yet clear why the malfunction was revealed only after the series was drained. The management launched an internal investigation.