2016-09-14 19:00:55

VW Golf with 4WD Wants to Take On Subaru

Volkswagen Golf pic

VW wants to add a 4WD version of the Golf hatch to the North American range.

The vice-president of the automaker’s product marketing and strategy that 4Motion production added to the company’s Puebla producing plant located in Mexico provides more opportunities along with the addition of 4WD to the regular golf hatch. A 4Motion Golf was possible to obtain on the old continent.

It was stated that the 4WDhat is a part of the VW DNA. He also noted that it will be considered above the other possibilities.

The automaker’s focus on 4WD sets towards the Subaru which as you may remember was very successful at promoting4WD across the range.

The latest 4WD model from Subaru is the Alltrack. It will come out in October.

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