2016-08-15 16:48:06

VW Group Will 460,000 Models With 1.2-liter TDI Engine

Volkswagen Polo pic

VW Group got the approval from KBA to make a recall and fix nearly 800,000 vehicles that receive power from the EA189 2.0-litre turbodiesel units. Now the automaker can fix 460,000 cars equipped with the smaller EA189 1.2-litre engine.

Skoda Fabia and Roomster, VW Polo and SEAT Ubiza are equipped with it.

VAG reports that customers with the affected vehicles should make an appointment to update software in the 1.2 TDI-powered cars. It will fix the problem. The automaker stresses that the cars are safe technically. The update will be made free of charge.

V3 1.2 TDI-engined cars had to be recalled in the 2nd quarter of 2016, but VW decided to fix bigger vehicles with the 2.0-litre engines first.

VW Group needs to repair 8.5 million TDI vehicles on the old continent.

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