2017-04-01 03:55:16

VW Will Resell Recalled 2015 Diesel Units

VW Will Resell Recalled 2015 Diesel Units pic

VW can start marketing diesels in America again. This happened the 1st time after the Dieselgate scandal. When the EPA gave its approval, dealers can market 2015 model year diesels after upgrading needed emissions software.

The fix is a part of the needed upgrade. It will spread on engine hardware replacements. According to the reports, dealers will not have to wait till the parts will be possible to obtain next year.

A spokesperson says that they are finalizing the details of the program and will give more info on the implementation at the right time. The brand has set aside more than $24 billion to cover the cost of the fix and fines connected with the Dieselgate scandal.

The company has begun a fix on the old continent. It sees offerings losing nearly 10% power sometimes. 10 VW Group products with 1.6- and 2.0-litre diesel motors from VW, Skoda and Audi have higher consumption of fuel and a torque loss on a dyno run carried out by the Swedish publication called Teknikens Värld.

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