2016-08-06 11:33:41

Volkswagen Electrification Push Will Cover 3 Platforms for 30 Cars

Volkswagen BUDD-e Concept pic

VW is developing 3 dedicated EV platforms with more utility vehicles and a few innovated cheap cars.

VW Group of America main engineering officer says that 30 of fully-electric cars will be originated from 3 platforms. Every one of them will be modular and will be able to get different sized wheelbases.

The German producer has already boasted the BUDD-e van concept that was created on the basis of the Modular Electric Toolkit platform. The considered concept features a completely flat floor that has lithium ion battery packs. They enable the van to ride 233 miles. 80% recharge can be reached in only half-an-hour.

VW provided a $20 billion settlement in America. It will cover the cost of the producer’s diesel emissions scandal.

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