2019-03-05 19:54:20

Volkswagen presented an electric buggy

Volkswagen presented an electric buggy

The Geneva Motor Show has become the venue for a premiere of the Volkswagen ID.Buggy prototype.

A buggy on electricity will show the universal indicators of MEB electric platform, which will be used as the basis of the company's electric vehicles.

The appearance of the green-green car is made in a style of the popular light buggies in the twentieth century, created on the basis of Bettle commodity. All technical part also overlaps: the motor is on the rear axle, and its power is 204 horsepower.

The MEB design allows the installation of an additional electric motor in front. A 62-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery is embedded in the floor. The auto range is 250 km, and acceleration to the 'hundred' is achieved in 7.2 seconds. The maximum novelty accelerates to 160 km per hour.