2018-04-23 14:21:17

Volkswagen presented the first electric sports car in her history

Volkswagen I.D. pic

Volkswagen showed to the world a sports electric vehicle I.D. R.

Novelty debuted at a special event in France. The car is made only one copy for the races on Mount Pikes Peak. Racer Romain Dumas will be the pilot in new car. 

The length of the sports car - 5.2 m, width - 2.35 m, the wheelbase - 2.85 m. The exterior of the electric car looks like sports prototypes from the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. New model from Volkswagen have a huge front splitter and massive rear wing. The design of the car suspension includes double wishbones. The mass of the electric vehicle is 1.1 tons. New model is driven by two electricmotors for a total power of 680 "horses". Novelty make first "Hundred" for 2.25 s with a maximum speed of 240 km/h.

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