2017-11-21 15:39:23

Will Future VW Beetle Be A Rear-Wheel-Drive Electric Car?

Volkswagen Beetle pic

The VW Beetle is among ones of the oldest automaker’s offerings on sale now. This gen kicked off 6 years ago and sales are constantly declining, leaving the successor of the car inspired by retro style a big question mark on top of it.

Though, when the company wants to finish the manufacturing of the current Beetle, it is not expressing a wish to give up on the retro feel. VW is considering an innovated Beetle with electric powertrain only. A report suggests that it could join the company’s initial range of EVs. They all are based on the dedicated MEB platform.

The automaker’s chairman says that the decision on the EVs will be what kind of emotional concepts are needed. Electrically the new Beetle will be much better than the model available now (if it ever happens). Actually, it could be RWD.

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