2017-10-28 15:36:08

Next-Gen V60 From Volvo Caught During Testing In Sweden

Volvo V60 pic

There’s been a lot of coverage in the Volvo world.

However, almost all of it deals with sport-utility cars like the XC60 or Polestar’s separation to become a stand-alone brand. The producer’s legacy for most people stems from station wagons.

The vehicle has been tested in Sweden. A report says that the picture was taken by a reader when waiting in traffic. That is why it is possible to see only the rear part of the unit. It is hidden under heavy camouflage. Nevertheless, it is still possible to see the roof styling and window lines.

The car takes more classic Volvo stance of function over style. The producer is not going to work with the boxy look of the past. Meanwhile, it has more space in the rear part.

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