2017-09-21 22:11:53

Volvo XC40 Compact CUV

Volvo XC40 pic

The innovated XC40 from Volvo will be presented on September 21st.

The unit is claimed to be the “best-equipped car in its class”. The producer has released short teaser footage for the coming-soon compact crossover. You will not see too much in the footage about the innovated XC40. However, you will be able to get some glimpses of the vehicle’s details.

The all-new XC40 from Volvo will be equipped with the company’s CMA that will also be present in other 40 Series offerings. The unit’s rivals will be the X1 from BMW, the Q3 from Audi and the GLA from Mercedes-Benz.

We are guessing that this footage will be the last teaser before the big debut.

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