2017-03-13 23:42:21

Volvo's First EV Targets Bolt-Beating Range

Volvo's First EV Targets Bolt-Beating Range pic

Volvo is developing its 1st fully-electric car and the brand is aiming at a range of 250 miles at least.

In an interview with Automotive News at the Motor Show held in Geneva, the CEO of Volvo Car America stated that he has tasked engineers with developing an EV that will have a range of 250 miles on charge. Also, it should cost between $35,000 and $40,000 and come out by 2019. This will give the automaker’s electric car more range than the 238 miles available in the Chevy Bolt and more than the regular Model S 60D from Tesla.

We don’t know for sure what form the car will take. It might be a current Volvo offering saddled with a fully-electric powerplant. Meanwhile the automaker can create the electric car on the latest scalable CMA platform that was manufactured from the outset for electrification. It will be used for the automaker’s small vehicles, for example, the latest XC40.

The CEO of Volvo Cars believes that 10% of the automaker’s worldwide sales will be EVs by 2020.

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