2017-01-27 16:46:22

What Is Hidden With Volvo XC90 Test Mule?

Volvo XC90 pic

Volvo XC90 was spotted with strange added bodywork.

On the back part of the vehicle it is possible to see a steel platform built out of the window. It also extends onto the top. It looks like this has added a significant amount of weight. Moreover, the rear axle has been stretched by 10 inches approximately. In such a way, the total vehicle’s length becomes 126.5 inches approximately.

We suspect a larger minivan or SUV that can be placed on top of the model under consideration. However, the automaker has specified that high-end SUVs had a record year on the old continent last year. So, there is a possibility that there will more cars in future. The other chance is that it could be a pick-up. Let’s wait and see when some light will be shed on this.

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