Cars News Page 195

2013-04-05 13:27:44
GM is going to present a couple of Mid-Sized Pickups For 2015

GM is going to steal all spotlights from brand-new Ford F-150 in 2015 with the help of two new mid-sized pickups. And according to TTAC Commenter and GM exec Mark Reuss, each vehicle has its own mission.

2013-04-05 13:25:00
Mercedes X-class is going to compete with BMW's Mini

Mercedes-Benz is planning to start a subcompact vehicle range with the support of Renault-Nissan, a German magazine informed.

2013-04-04 13:04:51
Porsche's plug-in Panamera price to start from 110,400 euros

Porsche will start sales of its first plug-in vehicle in summer with price starting at 110,409 euros in Germany, the auto brand announced today. The 416-hp Panamera S E-Hybrid will be presented at the Shanghai auto show on April 21.

2013-04-04 13:03:12
Minivan is announced to be the Most Important French Car of the last decade

The MPV sector, that is very popular in Europe, was initially invented in France. The Renault Espace, the grandfather of the modern minivan, was initially assumed to be a Peugeot, until PSA accounted it to be very costly and sold it to Renault. Approximately two decades later, Renault changed the segment again with the help of cozy Scenic minivan, which created followers from mostly every auto maker.

2013-04-04 13:00:36
QOTD: The inevitable transformation of Cadillac

The multi-billion dollar effort to design a new model has successfully ended up with the unique car that many enthusiasts still discuss for the wrong assert feasible in this era. Thin margins, concentration of brands and cars and extremely competitive world market have destroyed the former formula for creating a production vehicle, which was nearly the only solution to local road conditions and customer wishes.

2013-04-03 10:39:38
Brand new Subaru WRX is going to be More Street Targeted

Subaru WRX has always sacrificed a part of on-road performance to maintain its off-road capability. Nevertheless, that will be changed for the upcoming vehicle.

2013-04-03 10:38:11
New plans for Lexus: Three-Row Crossover

Taking into consideration the fact that crossover section continues to rise, Lexus is going to add a three-row vehicle, which will join the RX, the only CUV in the Lexus lineup.

2013-04-03 10:34:56
Aston Martin starts US siege with the help of Spec Series

Famous Porsche racing team TRG switched to Aston Martin and has formed a partnership with known all over the world British brand to find enthusiasts in USA.

2013-04-02 12:44:45
The reasons of the new Toyota Tundra sales freezing

The presentation of the redesigned 2014 Toyota Tundra at the Chicago Auto Show sets the Japanese auto brand's 4th attempt to make a hole in the U.S. pickup market. It is the first makeup of the second-generation Tundra, which was preceded by the T100.

2013-04-02 12:43:17
VW Routan minivan is going to be removed from production

Volkswagen will stop selling the Routan vehicle, reconstructed Chrysler minivan that VW sold in 2008, Volkswagen head U.S. executive announced on Wednesday.

2013-04-02 12:38:32
Golf:1st prize in the nomination World Car of the Year

At the last auto show on Thursday, Golf was named the World Car of the Year. Volkswagen won the second successive award. Last year also won with the Up! model.

2013-04-01 10:22:33
Shelby Raptor pickup was unveiled at New York auto show

Shelby Raptor is powered with 35-inch BF Goodrich tires.

2013-04-01 10:21:08
The Mitsubishi Mirage presentation at the New York auto show

It is said that the new mini Mirage will get 40 mpg in total during driving in the city and highway.

2013-04-01 10:20:05
The New York Show hero: Subaru WRX Concept

Subaru has presented the fresh all-wheel rally-inspired WRX model.

2013-03-29 11:46:01
New Honda Odyssey arrives at New York auto show

Honda offers help for dirty minivans: new Odyssey, which was presented at the New York show this week, is equipped with built-in vacuum cleaner.

2013-03-28 04:20:22
New challenge for Kia: How to keep the heart in the Soul

?t's an old problem: how not to spoil a smash hit when you design the successor. That is why the close attention will be dedicated to the new Kia Soul at the New York auto show this week.

2013-03-27 11:13:41
New look of Viziv concept model will be presented by Subaru

Subaru global design chief says that they will adopt the angular face of the Viziv concept vehicle shown at the Geneva auto show step by step.

2013-03-26 03:17:37
Star show of crossovers and SUVs

Jeep will reveal some hot facts about their Cherokee.

2013-03-25 10:17:55
Hyundai will present luxury concept car in Seoul

New concept coupe will be equipped with gorgeous butterfly doors and huge wheels, the ninth designed at the Hyundai Motor Group's r&d center.

2013-03-22 11:38:12
XV Crosstrek hybrid debut at New York auto show

Subaru XV Crosstrek will be shown at the New York auto show next week.