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2019-02-11 23:15:06
A full-size SUV from Nissan debuted in Chicago

Chicago has become the venue for the premiere of a new Nissan product. It was a Pathfinder Rock Creek Edition special version.​

2019-02-11 18:50:15
Mazda MX-5 appeared in an anniversary performance

An anniversary version of the Mazda MX-5 is called the MX-5 30th Anniversary Edition.​

2019-02-11 18:38:59
Subaru Legacy 7th generation debuts in Chicago

The first Legacy was introduced almost 30 years ago, and now the seventh generation of the model has been presented in Chicago.​

2019-02-09 16:38:25
Kia Sportage 2020 showed all privileges

An updated Korean crossover got a different look and a more refined interior. The car will appear on the shelves from this spring.

2019-02-08 19:21:26
New Opel Corsa has shown matrix LED-headlamp

Opel has distributed the first teaser of a new generation Corsa hatch.​

2019-02-08 19:21:26
Bugatti Chiron Sports anniversary commemorative version prepared

Bugatti will soon celebrate the 110th anniversary. For this, the company will prepare an exclusive version of the Chiron Sport - 110  ans  Bugatti.

2019-02-07 21:39:51
Toyota Tacoma successfully updated

In Chicago debut restyled Toyota Tacoma pickup. The car changed generation 4 years ago, having borrowed a brand-new radiator, LED optics, wheels 16, 17 and 18 inches in different versions. ​

2019-02-07 20:51:47
Cadillac XT5 added to the sports version

Cadillac was shown in Chicago auto show XT5 cross-country, which has the Sports Package.​

2019-02-06 19:12:47
Aston Martin Lagonda will debut in Geneva

The 1st teaser of the Aston Martin Lagonda All-Terrain electric cross-country hit on the network.​

2019-02-05 20:17:54
Mazda declassifies new SUV in Geneva

The Japanese will hold a premiere of the new SUV at the Geneva auto show in March 2019.​

2019-02-05 19:58:14
Nissan Micra added sports modification

Nissan preparing the 'hot' Micra version. The new product will be called the Micra N-Sport. The car will be driven by a new 1.0-liter 115-horsepower gasoline motor.​

2019-02-04 23:32:06
The first special version of the BMW 8-Series appeared in the photo

BMW declassified the first special version of the coupe 8-Series First Edition.​

2019-02-04 18:51:38
Mitsubishi minivan turned into a real home

The Scottish company Campers Scotland has presented a full house on wheels, made on the basis of the model Mitsubishi Delica D:5.​

2019-01-31 22:47:15
Jaguar presented the XF Checkered Flag special version

The car got unique design elements of exterior and interior.​

2019-01-31 14:41:20
Volkswagen has been the largest manufacturer in the world for the 5th year in a row

Over the past year, the concern has realized a record 10.83 million cars, which is 0.9% more than in 2017.​

2019-01-30 21:10:42
Daimler is preparing a new ESF prototype

In a few months, Daimler will demonstrate the latest prototype from the ESF series.​

2019-01-30 14:47:01
The new Renault Clio is completely declassified

Renault presented the fifth generation Clio hatch. The car received a new architecture, which affected the space in the cabin, a digital dashboard with a large vertical multimedia display appeared.​

2019-01-30 14:43:56
Skoda has demonstrated the appearance of a new compact SUV for Europe

In Skoda, spread the designer sketches of the newest compact Kamiq for Europe. Publicly the car will debut in March in Geneva.

2019-01-29 21:08:29
What will be the new Skoda Octavia 2020?

Skoda is now right on the crest of a wave! The memories of the powerful Skoda Kodiaq RS sports crossover was introduced not so long ago, later this year they will see the updated Superb 2020 and even the compact Skoda Kamiq crossover. Take a breath!

2019-01-29 21:08:29
Tesla cars will scare away thieves with Bach music

Tesla's special car security system will start playing "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" by Johann Sebastian Bach when he tries to rob a car.​

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