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2015-05-26 15:05:48
Mazda2 will not be sold in the U.S.

Mazda is strict about the fact that the "2" supermini is not going to be sold in America. This is because the automaker does not consider the offering to be a lasting business case.

2015-05-26 15:04:21
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles from Honda should arrive by 2020

Honda is going to massively produce hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by 2020.

2015-05-26 15:03:37
6,000 Unsold cars of First-Gen Volt from Chevrolet lie around

A report from The Detroit Free Press suggests that Chevrolet has around 6,000 unsold vehicles of first generation Volts which are sitting on dealer lots now.

2015-05-25 12:45:24
Fuel Economy Ratings of 2016 Mazda CX-3

Mazda has shared fuel economy ratings for the 2016 CX-3.

2015-05-25 12:42:21
A Hellcat engine for 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

Chrysler trademarked the moniker for Trackhawk in autumn of 2014. The moniker is used on a variant of Jeep Grand Cherokee with high performance.

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