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2017-08-16 23:34:02
Continental Wireless Charging Set-Up To Be Presented In Frankfurt

Continental, the famous tyre and technology company, will present a wireless charging set-up this September in Frankfurt.

2017-08-16 23:32:10
Europe, Meet New Sport Model For Next Year's Honda Jazz

The facelifted for next year Jazz from Honda has debuted before the ordering opening this November. The automaker has presented a new petrol engine option with more power.

2017-08-16 23:29:22
Next Year's Phantom From Rolls-Royce Is Purple

Even though next year’s Rolls-Royce Phantom was presented just a few weeks ago, one example of world’s high-end item is already present in a London dealership.

2017-08-13 15:33:42
Indonesia, Meet Datsun Go Live Concept!

Datsun has made it to the Jakarta motor show held in Indonesia to present the Go Live concept and to preview the next-gen of the company’s range.

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