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2018-11-30 18:39:43
BMW i8 hybrid became a patrol car

AC Schnitzer tuning studio prepared a patrol car with the basis of the BMW i8 hybrid.​

2018-11-14 18:42:32
BMW announces the strongest version new 3-Series

BMW M340i xDrive Sedan of the new generation G20 will debut on November, 28, in Los Angeles.​

2018-10-31 16:47:30
Declassified an exterior of the open BMW 8-Series

The Belgian edition of Autotijd distributed the first official pictures of the open version new BMW 8-Series  sportscar .

2018-10-29 16:15:41
A new BMW 330e iPerformance is being prepared for 2019

This month, the new BMW 3-Series Sedan (ICE) debuted in Paris, and its sales will start from March 9, 2019.​

2018-10-24 22:45:34
BMW M5 CS on tests

An unusual prototype of a high-performance BMW M5 in the CS version passed new tests.​

2018-10-24 18:27:34
BMW withdraws 1.6 million cars worldwide

Bavarians start a global diesel cars recall, which were created from August 2010 to August 2017.​

2018-10-22 17:07:37
BMW i4 expected for 2021

The BMW i4 electric car is expected for 2021 - that's exactly what BMW director Harald Kruger stated to Western media.​

2018-10-08 17:53:22
BMW i3 lost own range of power reserve

BMW has finished producing the i3 electric car, which has a reserve power increase.​

2018-09-24 15:41:40
BMW X7 SUV declassified inside

Paparazzi infiltrated the interior of the huge BMW X7 SUV. The Motor1 publication immediately spread across on the Web.

2018-09-21 17:27:16
The first photos of new BMW X6 M hit to Internet

The network received the first photos from the paparazzi, which demonstrate the new crossover BMW X6 M.

2018-09-20 19:13:44
BMW 3-Series announced officially

BMW has distributed a 3-Series new generation teaser. As it became known on the eve, that the novelty will make own debut in October at the Paris Motor Show.

2018-09-17 16:15:16
A huge electric SUV from BMW debuted officially

A brand new cross with an electrical installation was presented by BMW.

2018-09-11 15:35:07
BMW showed new X3 M and X4 M for the first time

The famous company held a pre-premiere debut of the "charged" crossovers. Both cars were tested on the Nürburgring track.

2018-09-10 16:45:11
The new BMW X5 became a hybrid

BMW presented a hybrid version of the new X5. The sale of a new SUV with the xDrive45e index will begin in Europe in 2019.

2018-08-24 15:40:25
BMW Z4 Roadster debuted

The long-awaited premiere of BMW finally took place - debuted the sports roadster Z4 of the third generation.

2018-08-13 17:18:54
BMW Z4 Roadster: a fully declassified

The new BMW roadster with the name Z4 has ceased to be a secret.

2018-08-03 15:43:00
BMW X7 flagship appeared on a patent images

The new flagship of the Bavarian declassified on patent images.

2018-07-27 17:32:17
The world debut of the new BMW car is coming

BMW announced the premiere of a completely new car, which will debut in August.

2018-07-25 16:53:35
New BMW first time caught without camouflage distributed the first picture of the newest BMW X4 M, where the car was seen without a protective clutch.

2018-07-17 17:18:09
New generation of BMW X6 in the tests now

The photos that appeared on the eve of the road tests of the "hot" version of the M50i showed that the car has a special body color with light-alloy wheels M Sport.

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