2017-09-21 22:13:56

Expect For BMW X3 M

Expect For BMW X3 M

According to BMW, an M variant the innovated 2018 BMW X3 with higher performance is being considered.

The new offering should have a more capable platform and underpinnings that can support the needed requirements of the M division.

The innovated X3 from BMW is originated on the identical platform as the company’s newest 5 Series and 7 Series. This will give access to the performance potential of the architecture, not mentioning new tech. This touches the coming-soon X3 M from BMW which will remind of the GLC 63 from Mercedes-AMG and potential RSQ5 from Audi.

Dr Ronald Meier is the product manager for the company’s X3. He mentioned that the performance offering was being considered and the decision will follow.

According to Meier, the company is currently opened to everything.

The X3 M should receive power from the identical motor as the M3/M4.