2017-05-31 16:37:23

M8 Ute And Gran Coupe From BMW

BMW 8-series pic

BMW showed pictures of its Concept 8 Series. And it is really worth seeing!

You will be surprised even more with this cool rendering of what could one day become the fastest ute around the globe.

The awesome unit was designed by X-Tomi Design. It presents a Commodore-style ute with a single piece side.

There is no sufficient info for now, but the original 8 Series boasted a twelve-cylinder in one of its configurations. BMW now has a twelve-cylinder in the 7 Series range. Only imagine it will be hidden under the cowl of this unit!

A ute has never been mentioned. It is not likely to happen, but who prohibited us dreaming!

X-Tomi Design also gave a rendering of a potential M8 Gran Coupe. It is just as outstanding!

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