2018-04-19 17:06:17

The salon of the new BMW Z4 is declassified

The salon of the new BMW Z4 is declassified

The spy photos of the new BMW Z4 come on the Internet.

The new roadster will acquire a new virtual "device" with the iDrive. The platform of the panel in front and the central tunnel in a novelty completely copy the salon of own prototype, that was shown last summer.

Both cars have similar "climate" and audio control units, plus all buttons with switches. In the center of the salon we saw an IRS screen, which can be controlled by the rotary controller, with gestures, voice and on the touchscreen itself.

Slightly to the left we see a configurable 12.3-inch digital dashboard screen, which displays navigation tips with a block of personalized content. The central tunnel sheltered the "washer" iDrive, the electric gearshift of the small gearshift, the buttons for changing the operating modes of the electronics control, etc.

The new BMW Z4 product roadster should debut this summer.