2018-04-05 13:34:07

Will i3 And i8 From BMW Be Renewed for 2nd-gen?

BMW i3 pic

BMW can axe the i3 and i8 EVs after only one generation. This was reported out of Europe.

The chief of electric powerplants for BMW AG called the oddball pair as “unique”.

He says that they were not created as a family that they will expand in different ways.

However, the units will not disappear soon. The i3 has been upgraded not long ago with a 94 Ah battery. Besides, the refreshed i8 and i8 Roadster will come out sometime later in 2018.

BMW has circled the battery-powered direction as its plan. A member of the company’s board of management told that now the “trend toward e-mobility is irreversible”.

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