2017-07-04 18:07:35

i8 Roadster From BMW Has Been Teased

BMW i8 pic

BMW has released a teaser campaign with a clip showing the plug-in hybrid droptop with some serious camo.

However, there is no camo on the roof. Looks like it was made of fabric, but we don’t know for sure. Some similar prototypes were spotted by paparazzi recently. The i8 Roadster will benefit from 2 humps behind the rear seats.

We suppose that the unit will originate on the coming-soon facelift of the coupe. The electrified convertible should feature the usual i8’s rumoured power boost from day 1. Some of the reports suggest that output of the hybrid powerplant (which is a V3 1.5-litre petrol engine and an electric motor) will produce around 372 hp. The upgraded i8 should have a bigger battery pack and some more juice for a prolonged electric range.

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