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2019-05-15 20:30:28
The most budget SUV in Volkswagen is expecting for 2020

Volkswagen is active focuses on developing the latest global state employees in the SUV segment.

2019-05-10 17:26:50
Volkswagen starts to accept orders for ID.3

Volkswagen has announced that they start accepting orders for an ID.3 hatch with an electrical installation.

2019-04-23 20:46:35
New Volkswagen Golf will be given the supercar power

Volkswagen is actively preparing a brand new Golf R Plus hatch, whose engine power will be more than 400 'horses.'

2019-04-22 15:41:44
Volkswagen will provide inexpensive and practical pickups

At the recently-completed motor show in New York, Scott Keogh, Volkswagen CEO in the United States, called Tarok pick-up a 'trial balloon' hinting at more and more new products.

2019-04-22 15:37:21
Volkswagen Jetta sports performance is presented

Volkswagen Jetta continues to be popular in China as a separate brand, but in the USA the model is still being sold as part of Volkswagen.

2019-04-08 22:12:11
Volkswagen, BMW, and Daimler are accused of non-compliance with environmental technologies

The European Commission blames three German concerns, Volkswagen, Daimler, and BMW, putting forward suspicions about the intentional obstruction of the introduction of CO2-lowering technologies in car engines.

2019-04-05 17:49:04
VIDEO: new autopilot testes in Volkswagen cars

Volkswagen took up the cars' tests with a 4 autopilot level.

2019-04-03 16:57:32
Volkswagen demonstrates the design solution of a big electric SUV

Volkswagen shows a teaser solution for the Roomzz concept, which in the production version will be the most enormous crosses of the I.D.

2019-03-29 17:16:29
Volkswagen Arteon starts sales

Volkswagen announces prices for the long-awaited Arteon.

2019-03-22 19:52:29
Volkswagen Beetle will not get a new version

Legendary Volkswagen Beetle ends life cycle.

2019-03-14 17:43:00
New Volkswagen Golf debut postpones

Volkswagen decides to present the Golf eighth generation after the Frankfurt motor show, which will be held in September.

2019-03-13 18:19:51
Volkswagen Group will show 90 new products for 2019

Companies that are part of the Volkswagen Group, in 2019 will show 90 new and updated cars.

2019-03-12 18:22:51
The new Volkswagen Golf was declassified by design

Volkswagen has taken up the latest tests of Golf 8 generation. AutoExpress fixed a new car without camouflage. Rumors say that Golf will debut this summer.

2019-03-05 19:54:20
Volkswagen presented an electric buggy

The Geneva Motor Show has become the venue for a premiere of the Volkswagen ID.Buggy prototype.

2019-02-28 21:33:11
The updated Volkswagen Passat wagon got more sportiness

Volkswagen showed a sports version of the Passat R-Line wagon.

2019-02-27 20:04:12
Volkswagen presented the most powerful crossover T-Roc R

The German automaker has published official photos and specifications of the “charged” modification of the T-Roc crossover with the prefix R.

2019-02-25 22:26:13
Volkswagen T-Roc R will get a 300-strong unit

Volkswagen has declassified the 'hot' version of the T-Roc R.

2019-02-14 17:29:58
Heavy-Duty Volkswagen T-Roc Design Reveals

Volkswagen shows the first teaser of the newest T-Roc cross version with increased power.​

2019-01-31 14:41:20
Volkswagen has been the largest manufacturer in the world for the 5th year in a row

Over the past year, the concern has realized a record 10.83 million cars, which is 0.9% more than in 2017.​

2019-01-10 22:33:21
Volkswagen Announces Newest Passat

Volkswagen representatives spread a new teaser for the new American version of Passat in Twitter.​

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