2017-12-29 14:24:55

Expect New VW Touareg To Arrive In Spring

Expect New VW Touareg To Arrive In Spring

The Touraeg from VW should come out in April 2018. This will happen in Beijing.

Judging from the press release, the producer from Germany confirmed that the next-gen Touareg SUV be launched in spring.

The automaker says that the new offering has been reconsidered down to “the very last LED”. In comparison with the 2019 Touareg, it will have a more modern and sleeker look. It should be a bit bigger as well.

The unit under consideration will join the Cayenne from Porsche, Urus from Lamborghini, Q7 from Audi and Bentayga from Bentley. All these cars will switch to the VW Group’s MLB Evo platform. The platform should help to lose weight.

The SUV will ride with different motors depending on the market: petrol and diesel turbocharged units.

The cabin will be heavily improved thankfully to the new underpinnings.